About Us

Poshesh Shargh Coating Company

Poshesh Plast Shargh is a specialized unit for painting on plastic parts, which has been operating since 1995. It is one of the oldest and it can be said with confidence that it was the first unit for painting and painting plastic parts in Iran, which specializes in special paint for plastics. Researching and knowing the color of polymer parts has been able to record the highest quality colored plastic parts in its brilliant history.
This collection has been able to start manufacturing plastic paint line for customers who need liquid paint line for their polymer parts since 2008.
Today, due to the increasing market and economic need for color diversity in plastic products and creating a sense of competition in them, our collection of paint services on plastic parts, consulting and setting up a paint line, selling paint for your plastic parts without restrictions on color shades And without any restrictions on the type of plastic of your product, it is ready to serve our dear customers